What makes Acme Rain Suits different from other rainwear?

Acme Rain-suit imports fabric from Taiwan in bulk, assuring consistent product quality, texture and color. Hence quality fabric is assured.
We make rainwear for one and all. We manufacture trendy, fashionable and stylish rainwear with various colors options for both men and women that are offered in multiple choices of fabric like nylon teslon and polyester.
Acme Rain-suits are built with latest innovation. We have the best in class technology involved in the manufacture of the rain-suits.
Our In-house testing facility enables us to provide assure the quality of the product.

How do I select the size of the rain suit?

In our size chart you can find a survey of the lengths and widths of the rainwear, this will help you choose exactly the right size for you.
Sizing and fitting of rain-suits manufactured by Acme Rainsuit Pvt. Ltd. are as per the regulating standards.

How rainproof is Acme Rain Suits rainwear?

The fabrics used for Acme Rain Suits will keep you dry during heavy downpours and prolonged rain showers. Technically speaking, each square centimetre of fabric stops a column of 5000 mms of water. Also, all seams have been taped, ensuring that not one drop of water can get through. Thus you truly can venture out into the rain without the fear of getting wet.
All products are completely taped from behind for guaranteed waterproofing. The Adhesive Tape which gives better adhesion to fabric is also imported from Taiwan directly.

What size rainwear should I buy?

Since rainwear goes over the clothes you wear, it is usually a good idea to purchase rainwear that is larger than your size clothes. One size larger is a good rule of thumb, but you may want to consider two sizes if you will be wearing the rainwear over heavy clothing. You also need to take into account what you will be doing, because it is important to have sufficient mobility when wearing the rainwear.

How do I maintain my rainwear?

You should always follow the manufacturer’s (Acme Protective Solutions Pvt. Ltd.) recommendations. In addition, it’s a good practice to immediately remove soils and stains by wiping down the rainwear with a clean cloth and water with a mild detergent; you should never use bleach or other harsh cleaning fluids.

How do I decide which rainwear to buy?

You need to determine what type of activity you will be engaged in when you’re wearing the rainwear. Some rainwear is designed to handle the wear and tear of everyday use, while other rain suits are created only for occasional use; many manufacturers have industrial and recreational lines of rainwear.

Who should I contact with a complaint?

We are never happy to hear that something has gone wrong, and will do everything we can to rectify the situation. Please contact us at info.acme.rainsuit@gmail.com.