Acme – A Brand Leader synonymous with quality for over 15 years

Whenever it’s a question of your personal safety, choosing ACME protective rainwear brings with it a peace of mind you could only expect from the leading brand name in the industry. ACME carries the highest standards in both quality and reliability and has established itself as a leader in the design and manufacture if stylish, comfortable, high quality rainwear.

Acme rainwear is designed in consultation with our customers continually being developed to meet their changing requirements. We provide solutions that make the wearer feel secure and comfortable in the rain. The rainwear range comes in varied colours and sizing options.

Our on-going research and development puts us ahead or our competition in terms of technological advances in manufacturing, allowing us to respond quickly and effectively to changing customer requirements. Our designers understand the daily requirements expected form workwear and that the right choice of material is crucial to the give task. This has also helped us ensure that our products exceed the recognized standards of safety and comforts. This coupled with Acme’s extensive support services are sure to keep us at the number one spot for many years to come.

The Rainwear collection from ACME has been designed to reflect an efficient and professional corporate image. Surely, the smartest way to dress up is with comfortable and style garments from ACME. We manufacture rainwear catering to corporate requirements as well. We not only handle large clothing orders, we can customize the garments, design and development new products as per given specifications and product it in a small run.

Let us put your logo here!!

ACME is pleased to offer its clients the ability to customize their corporate identity through rainwear. Embroidered lettering, direct embroidery, direct screen printing and heat transfers systems are in place at acme which can provide your company rainwear a distinctive identity! If you are interested in ordering logo styles or other custom imprints, do call us!