ISO 9001:2008

CE Certificate
Acme – quality Assurance

The mainstay of Acme’s success has always been its rigorous quality testing. We review our products all year round, evaluating and resourcing the thousand of components used to ensure maximum performance, comfort and safety in the workplace. Everything from threads and fabrics to legislation change, are considered by the development team. Each garment is crafted from specially selected fabric and trimming for their high performance and easy care qualities.

Quality Control

  • Vendor Assessment and Approval
  • Testing of Imported Nylon Water proof Material
  • Material Physical / Visual Checking of Rolls
  • Controlling Cutting / Marking
  • Cut Component Checking
  • Checking Stitching of Garments
  • Checking Garments After Fitting
  • Checking Tapping on stitch Area for Waterproofing
  • Checking of the Final Garment

EN / IS Standards

These are exhaustive standards, which specify what the product/garment is required to do and how the manufacturer can comply. Manufacturers can meet their legal duties by manufacturing either in accordance with basic health and safety requirements or to specify standards.